EO Zürich

EO is the world’s only peer-to-peer network exclusively for entrepreneurs. EO helps transform the lives of those who transform the world.

Entrepreneurs’ Organization is a high-quality support network of 18,000+ like-minded leaders across 76 countries, with over 150 Members and an additional 30 EO Accelerator (Early Stage) members in the Zurich Chapter. We help entrepreneurs achieve their full potential through the power of life-enhancing connections, shared experiences, and collaborative learning. 

As an entrepreneur, you can only go so far alone. EO brings you together with like-minded leaders. Our members thrive and grow because of the connections they make and the relationships they develop. EO creates a space where members can have real conversations and learn from one another by sharing their experiences, successes, and failures. As individuals and as members, we are invested in one another’s growth and success. EO provides the infrastructure and support for our members to grow together. 

The purpose of EO is to

help entrepreneurs

achieve their full potential.

Your benefits

A membership in the Entrepreneurs’ Organization offers several advantages, as EO is not limited to just a single networking format. Here's an overview of the pillars of our Executive Community:

Group Meetings in Forums

Our members most value the EO Forum: regular meetings of groups of 7-10 business owners. These meetings facilitate the exchange of experience and knowledge in a confidential setting. Matters of both, business and personal life, are equally important and are addressed directly and openly. Members benefit from the specialized knowledge and experiences that only entrepreneurs can share.

Path of Leadership

For over 30 years, EO has been helping entrepreneurs grow as leaders both within and outside of EO.
Members actively participate in leading and managing the entire organization. In this expanding network, there are frequent opportunities to improve your own leadership skills. Entrepreneurs who wish to engage can participate in special programs for the development and training of executives.

Global Events

Events of EO Global, held throughout the year, combine inspiring learning programs with unique resources and unforgettable social gatherings.


Chapter Events

As an EO member, you are invited to participate in unique chapter events focused on learning and engagement.

Exclusive Education

At the heart of EO's mission is the relentless commitment and effort to assist young entrepreneurs – enabling them to learn and grow on both a personal and professional level.

EO Mentorship

Our EO Mentorship is a chapter-driven program designed to help you grow as a business owner via lifelong learning.


EO's ambition is to enable transformative growth in the lives of its members. To achieve this, EO brings together like-minded entrepreneurs, creating an environment that fosters unique connections and relationships.

EO offers a space where leaders can engage in real conversations and learn from each other by sharing their experiences, successes, and failures openly and trustfully.

Our goal is achieved when we see our EO members reach their goals in business and/or personal life. Each member defines what successful change means for them: it could be measurable growth in business performance or personal development. The most important thing is that the change and its impact are real and make a significant difference.

Our Values

Trust and Respect

Each of us is unique and equal.
We listen with an open mind and appreciation for different points of view.

Think Big, be Bold

We innovate, take risks and see opportunity in challenge.

We want to make the world a better place – for our teams, our families, our communities and for humankind.

Thirst for Learning 

We  have an insatiable curiosity.

We actively pursue learning so we can continue to grow.

Together we Grow

We are committed to each other’s growth and well-being.

We build deep human connections across rooms, cities, countries and continents. Our community is inclusive and we value diversity.

Membership Requirements

EO members must be owners, founders, or majority shareholders of a company that generated at least $1 million in revenue in the last fiscal year. Venture-backed companies must either have raised at least $2 million in private funding or $5 million in public funding and have at least 10 employees.

Membership Fee

When joining EO, you enjoy both local and global EO benefits. Fees are divided into two portions: one to Global and the other to your local chapter. A one-off joining fee also applies for new members. The fiscal year begins on July 1st and lasts until June 30th. You may join EO any time and pay a pro-rated amount depending on the month you join.

Global Fees
One-off Joining Fee $3500. Please note this is a one-off fee and will not be charged annually. Annual Fee $2,550. This will be prorated to your join date. For example, if you join halfway through the financial year (January), you will only pay half this amount. You will then pay the annual dues each year before 30 June.

Local Chapter Fees
One-off Joining Fee CHF 1,000. Please note this is a one-off fee and will not be charged annually. Annual Fee CHF 1,600. This will be prorated to your join date. For example, if you join halfway through the financial year (January), you will only pay half this amount. You will then pay the annual dues each year before 30 June.