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EO Webinar: Kommunikation in Zeiten von COVID-19

EO Webinar: Kommunikation in Zeiten von COVID-19

Wie kommuniziere ich mit meinem Team, wenn alle im Homeoffice sind? Wie führe und kommuniziere ich in diesen schwierigen Zeiten? Wie sage ich meiner Belegschaft, dass wir Kurzarbeit einführen müssen? Wie kommuniziere ich mit meinen Kunden? Als Unternehmer und...

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What EO Zürich Members Say

Being part of the EO Accelerator program is one of the best things I could have done as a neo-CEO! The experience sharing with others gives me confidence. It allows me to focus on the important aspects while building up my new business. On top of it, the mentorship of an experienced businessman is very helpful. Especially now that we as a brand sitting in the fitness industry and like everyone else are facing major challenges due to COVID19.


Eva Nidecker
Founder and CEO at Open Ride

I am a member of the EO Accelerator. For a long time I have been looking for a program that really brings us forward as a startup. The Learning Days and the regular meetings with the other CEOs are incredibly helpful. The coaches provide ideal support during scaling. I can recommend EO.


Christian von Olnhausen
Founder and CEO at DasScrumTeam

The power of networking, experience exchange and working continuously with an excellent framework (Scaling up) extremely levels up private and on business point of view.


Simon Funk
Founder and CEO at Treestones